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About the Namibia Digital Repository

Welcome to the Namibia Digital Repository. Over the past ten years or so, a large number of Namibia-related digital resources have popped up on the web, each generally affiliated with an NGO or research institute. These provide valuable digital materials for Namibians and researchers of Namibia who find difficulty accessing these materials in hard-copy form. 

These web sites, however, are scattered, and bandwith issues can cause problems. In addition, if one of these sites goes down or relocates, effects can reverberate to all other web sites linking out to the material.

This Digital Repository is a twofold endeavour. First, existing digital materials on the web are accumulated into this Omeka interface, properly attributing metadata and providing an alternative location to download the files. Second, digitisation efforts are underway to bring hard-copy library materials (books, reports, films, dissertations) into digital form. A large number of films and books have already been digitised, and over the next year, more audio and print materials will follow (see collections for existing entries).

In the near future, I hope to open up the site to other researchers, NGO representatives, activists, etc., to upload and catalog their own materials (films, photographs, fieldnotes, books, and others). This is still a work in progress, and progress is being made.

This project was supported by Michigan State University's Cultural Heritage Informatics initiative during 2015 and 2016. 

   A Note on Copyright and access:

Many of these materials are farmed from existing digital resources; proper attribution and links to the original URLs are provided. For the digitised resources, permission has either been granted to place the materials on the Web, or else the original author is no longer reachable. Some, regretably, have passed away. For any questions or concerns, or if you think something should be removed, please contact me.

You can reach out to Bernard C. Moore at: bernardcmoore -- at -- gmail.com or at +264 81 269 5652.