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This houses materials on Namibia from the Leiden University Repository. Some of these are official publications of the African Studies Centre, some are merely by faculty affiliated with the ASC

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"The Namibian customary system and its administration was severely gender imbalanced and both opponents and proponents of gender equality long believed that women’s rights and traditional rule were eternal foes. Whether or not this was the case in…

"Dwelling in Tourism highlights how marginalised Bushmen people are in the middle of a struggle between traditional en modern forces. Tourism, as an important element of conservation strategies, is a phenomenon built on both, and therefore reveals…

‘Traditional Justice: Practitioners’ Perspectives’ Working Paper Series

Postage stamps and related objects are miniature communication tools, and they tell a story about cultural and political identities and about artistic forms of identity expressions. They are part of the world’s material heritage, and part of history.…
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