Political Documents (SWAPO, SWANU, DTA)

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Political Documents (SWAPO, SWANU, DTA)


This collection holds PDF scans of constitutions of Namibian political parties SWAPO, SWANU, and the DTA. Some other documents are included as well

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The Revised Basic Documents of SWANU as approved by the Central Committee on 30 March 1985 and ratified by an all-branches consultative conference on 5-8 April 1985 in accordance with the resolution passed by the extra-ordinary national congress held…

This document is the constitution for the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance.


Membership of Democratic Turnhalle Alliance
Constitutional Principals for SWA/Namibia
Constitutional Proposals for the Institution of…

SWAPO Constitution as adopted by the meeting of the Central Committee: 28 July - 1 August 1976, Lusaka Zambia.
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