Heritage and Cultures in Modern Namibia: In-depth Views of the Country

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Heritage and Cultures in Modern Namibia: In-depth Views of the Country


Sharing of knowledge is one principle of TUCSIN. Therefore 19 scientists and 2 writers from USA, Canada, Germany, South Africa and Namibia made the effort to report on their past and present activities in Namibia. The articles span a time frame of more than 10 million years and cover a large spectrum of subjects. Issues concerning the whole country: Migration in Namibia; Examples of development and progress; and for the first time published in Namibia: the chronology of the Namibian rock art.

Issues concerning the whole country
Wade Pendleton:
Migration and Urban Governance in Windhoek
Michael Bollig:
Beyond Development - Global Visions and Local Adaptations of a Contested Concept
Jürgen Richter & Ralf Vogelsang:
Rock Art in North-Western Central Namibia - its Age and Cultural Background
Issues arranged along a regional approach from north to south
Eileen Kose:
"We are not Looking for Diamonds - We are Looking for Red Stones"
Archaeology of Iron in Kavango
Michael Pröpper:
Trust, Sharing and Cooperation in the Central Kavango Region, North-East Namibia
Linking the Results of Experimental Economics with Ethnographic Research
Wilhelm J.G. Möhlig:
Naming Modern Concepts in RuManyo (Bantu Language of the Kavango)
Hildi Hendrickson:
Toward a Cross-Cultural Analysis of Dress in 19th and 20th Century in Namibia
Glenn C. Conroy:
The Discovery of Otaviplthecus, Southern Africa's First Fossil Ape
Julia Pauli & Michael Schnegg:
Living Together, Writing Together
An Ethnographic Project on Culture and History in Fransfontein
Megan Biesele:
The Nyae Nyae Village Schools Project of the Ju/'Hoan San:
A Community-Based Education Programme in Namibia
Richard B. Lee:
A brief history of the TUCSIN-Based UNAM-Toronto Programme on Social and Cultural Aspects of HIV/AIDS
Jason Owens & Monica Nambelela:
Can't Namibia's Ex-GDR (Ex-)Kids be Called Adults
in this, the Year Namibia Itself Turned 18 Years Old?
Cornelia Limpricht & Hartmut Lang:
Farms and Families - Land Tenure in Rehoboth
Allan G. Morris:
The Cairns of Rehoboth, Central Namibia
Duncan Miller:
Searching for the Source of the Oanob Copper
Sabine Klocke-Daffa:
The Modernity of Traditionalists
Culture Change, Identity and the Impact of the State among the Namibian Khoekhoen
Ralf Vogelsang:
The Rock-Shelter "Apollo 11"
Evidence of Early Modern Humans in South-Western Namibia


Cornelia Limpricht & Megan Biesele (eds.)


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Cornelia Limpricht & Megan Biesele (eds.), “Heritage and Cultures in Modern Namibia: In-depth Views of the Country,” Namibia Digital Repository, accessed October 3, 2023, https://namibiadigitalrepository.com/items/show/145.

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