Breaking Contract: The Story of Helao Vinnia Ndadi

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Breaking Contract: The Story of Helao Vinnia Ndadi


"Breaking Contract gives a unique insight into the conditions, events and personalities which gave rise to the formation of the South West African People's Organisation, SWAPO of Namibia, and the launching of the armed struggle for freedom from South Africa. The book takes its name from the system of migrant contract labour which had a profound effect on the lives of Namibian and shaped resistance to South African rule. The life story of Helao Vinnia Ndadi, was recorded and edited by Dennis Mercer, a journalist working with the Liberation Support Movement of British Columbia. Breaking Contract was first published by LSM Press in Canada in 1974 and included the illustrations by Allison Warner reproduced in this edition. A second edition was published by the London-based International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa (IDAF) in 1989. Breaking Contract documents, in Ndadi 's own words, his experiences as a contract worker under apartheid and his role in organising the Owamboland People's Organisation, which in 1960 became SWAPO. Minor changes and corrections have been made to this edition, mostly in the spelling of names. The original foreword and introduction have been replaced and Ndadi has written a new postscript."


Helao Vinnia Ndadi


Archives of Anti-Colonial Resistance and the Liberation Struggle


2009 [original 1974]







Helao Vinnia Ndadi, “Breaking Contract: The Story of Helao Vinnia Ndadi,” Namibia Digital Repository, accessed June 23, 2024,

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