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DTA Constitution.pdf
This document is the constitution for the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance.


Membership of Democratic Turnhalle Alliance
Constitutional Principals for SWA/Namibia
Constitutional Proposals for the Institution of…

Namibia Review (Unclear date).pdf
This is a much larger document (107p), which appears to have been produced in the early 1980s. The cover reads 'Namibia Review', but it appears to have been produced not by the Swedish Namibia students group, but by a Johannesburg-based students'…

ADK December 1978.pdf
Articles include:

Results of 1978 election

Interview with Judge M.T. Steyn

Interview with Dirk Mudge

Interview with Kosie Pretorius

Racist letter to the Editor about Black Farming
Issued as a Supplement to SA Digest (6 February 1981) -A Somewhat Partisan take on the 1977-1980 period in Namibia
Issue No. 6 - January 1977 -Anticipation of DTA Election Efforts -Dirk Mudge, Clemens Kapuuo, Henry Kissinger -Covert Military Operations in Namibia (Transkei Mercenaries) -Detentions by SWAPO in Exile

The Namibian Independence Process (Film).mpg
Short Documentary film produced for TV News Program "South Africa Now" in conjunction with The Lawyer's Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, Phase II Productions, Global Vision International, Stuart Sender (Dir. & Prod.) and Caroline Craven.…
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