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Advocacy in Action is a 336-page manual designed primarily for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and grassroots-based groups who are interested in increasing their advocacy skills. It contains concrete, practical information about advocacy…
Namibia’s Constitution is a remarkable achievement. It was put together by 72 elected members of the Constituent Assembly in just 80 days in late 1989 and early 1990. Many of these Assembly members had been sworn enemies up until the Namibian…
Based on questionnaires that constitute the basis of in-depth interviews with party representatives. 1 Introduction 2 Methodology 3 Section 1 of the questionnaire: Government 3.1 Decentralisation 3.2 Government efficiency 3.3 Government corruption…
An examination of economic issues that are generally omitted by political party manifestos. 1 Introduction 2 Size of government and fiscal policy 3 Government ownership in economy 4 Labour, poverty and welfare 5 Trade and economic integration 6…

ADK April 1980.pdf
Articles include:

Sudwester Lied & the Reiter

Constitutional Developments & the Assembly

National Government Schemata

"How Partial is the UN?"

"To the Situation in Namibia"

"Where do we Stand after the Rhodesian Election?"
Namibian Government Gazette No. 1158 - Located in Traditional Authorities Conference, 1995 folder
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