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  • Collection: Miscellaneous Documents, Pamphlets, Briefings & Promotional Material Concerning Namibia
The Interim Government (Conversion of Constituent Assembly into National Assembly) [Kenneth Abrahams] -Inter-Party Talks and the Internal Situation -The UN Plan for Namibia -The Detention of SWAPO Leaders -The President in Pretoria
Issued as a Supplement to SA Digest (6 February 1981) -A Somewhat Partisan take on the 1977-1980 period in Namibia
Issue No. 6 - January 1977 -Anticipation of DTA Election Efforts -Dirk Mudge, Clemens Kapuuo, Henry Kissinger -Covert Military Operations in Namibia (Transkei Mercenaries) -Detentions by SWAPO in Exile
Definition of an Immigrant -Immigration to South Africa: Historical Background -South Africa's Immigration Policy -Effects of Immigration in Southern Africa and Europe -Implementation of the Immigration Policy: Organizations and Techniques
Various Condemnations with regard to Namibia, especially Uranium
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