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"This memoir on Karakul farming at the South West Africa experimental farm at Neudam is the result of instructions issued some ten years ago by the Administrator to Mr. A.D. Thompson, the manager of the farm, with the object of getting and preserving…

ADK 20 August 1979.pdf
Articles Include:

"SWA/Namibia's National Assembly"

Important Laws

West German speech on SWA


"SWAPO Terror"

ADK 15 November 1979.pdf
Articles Include:

Appointment of Dr. Gerrit van Niekerk Viljoen as administrator-general for SWA

Interview with Administrator General


On the "Dummy Election"

ADK 1 June 1979.pdf
Articles Include:

Gazette: Establishment of Legislative Authority in SWA

Constitutional Assembly

Differences between Constituent Assembly and National Assembly

German Government Schools in SWA

ADK December 1978.pdf
Articles include:

Results of 1978 election

Interview with Judge M.T. Steyn

Interview with Dirk Mudge

Interview with Kosie Pretorius

Racist letter to the Editor about Black Farming

ADK April 1980.pdf
Articles include:

Sudwester Lied & the Reiter

Constitutional Developments & the Assembly

National Government Schemata

"How Partial is the UN?"

"To the Situation in Namibia"

"Where do we Stand after the Rhodesian Election?"

ADK October 1980.pdf
Articles Include:

Election of DTA Council of Ministers

Reaction of World to 1978 Elections

Turnhalle Conference
The San have been the subject of extensive research with respect to their foraging lifestyle that is assumed to date back to antiquity. I conducted field research among the !Xun San, who have had close associations with the neighboring…
"The struggle for Namibian independence is not one that has generated widespread attention or support from the people of the Western industrialised countries. Much of this apathy is due, no doubt, to the failure of Western media corporations to…
The 'Great Kalahari Debate' which revolved around the degree of isolation of the Ju/'hoansi Bushmen failed to adequately interrogate the Bushmen on what they knew of their own history. A combination of interviews with respected Ju/'hoansi elders and…
The re-siting of the Rider Monument in central Windhoek from the site of one of the concentration camps from the first genocide of the 20th century to a new location in front of the museum at the Alte Feste has raised many questions. So too, has the…
PhD in Public Administration: University of Namibia - "The main objective of this dissertation was to investigate issues of cross-border migration and their effects on the project of SADC regional integration. The principal theoretical grounding…
Ich möchte einführend einige Gedanken zur An-ikonizität (also nicht-Bildlichkeit) formulieren. In seiner Betrachtung sogenannter an-ikonischer Gesellschaften, also Gesellschaften die keine Bilder von Menschen, Tieren oder Gottheiten produzierten,…
M.A. Thesis - The study analyses (re)negotiations of power positions and (re)constructions of images in a changing local setting where local people respond to and influence the social, economic, political and cultural context. The question of…
Originally Compiled by Annemarie Heywood and Brigitte Lau as a contribution to the History Conference 1-3 June 1993 sponsored by the Namibisch-Deutsche Stiftung fur kulturelle Zusammenarbeit, published privately.
PhD Dissertation: Forestry - The objective of the present study was to analyse the change in forest cover in the Owambo area of north-central Namibia, focusing especially on the domestic use of wood in constructions on farms. Aerial photographs from…
M.A. Dissertation - "The mini-dissertation examines and highlights in broad detail how Mr. Sam Nujoma used the canons of classical rhetoric in his State of the Nation Addresses during his Presidential reign in Namibia from 1990 to 2004. Mr. Nujoma’s…
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